Welcome to the studio that accepts you just as you are.  You do not need to think of yourself as flexible, skinny or strong to walk into this space.  You are welcomed here each day whether you can or cannot touch your toes, whether a headstand is in your foreseeable future or something you'd never ever dare to dream of.

Yoga has always been the practice of being my most authentic self.  We advocate that you too, come here and just be you.  Leave all competition behind and join us in a space meant to make you feel free.  Free to move, breathe, dream and wonder.  Free to notice, feel and explore.  So often throughout our everyday, we wear many hats.  The idea is to toss the hats aside and accept and love your most natural, intuitive and primal self.  Yoga 203 is a studio that wants to make you feel comfortable in your own skin and by doing so allow you to truly reap the benefits of the yoga practice.

We offer a variety of classes so that you can meet your practice where you are.  Whether fancy poses is what you're looking for, we have you covered, or learning the secrets of your body's movement, we've got that too.  Never taken a class before?  No worries, because slowing down is also a part of what we do.

Our classes are designed to offer you what you're in the mood for:

Flow - This is our version of vinyasa yoga.  Expect a class where breath and motion are linked together, where movement after movement runs one right into the next.  Each teacher has their own unique style, so expect something fun and diverse.

Foundation - This is a great class to begin with if you are uncertain you are ready for Flow, our more diverse vinyasa style class.  The Foundation class will cover the foundations of the yoga practice through precise cueing and a structured break down of how to get in and out of poses.  This flow is about finding comfort in the foundational movements of yoga while finding comfort in your own skin.

Function - A twist on our usual Flow class, expect to step away from what you think you know as yoga and explore more functional mobility.  Re-teach the body all that it's capable of through exploring and enhancing its own natural, anatomical movement through unique stretching and strengthening techniques.

Gentle - Gentle yoga will welcome you to a place of comfort and ease as we stretch and work on flexibility during this slow flow class.  Expect no vinyasas and no "big poses" as we instead tap into creating space in the body.  This class is wonderful for anyone who wants an opportunity to move mindfully and challenge themselves in a way that goes beyond sweat but instead asks you to surrender.  This is an perfect class for all levels, beginner to intermediate, young to old, injured and non-injured.

Flow & Restore - A class designed for your wild and calm side.  Start off with an all-levels upbeat flow followed by turning down and in with a softer practice including restorative poses that incorporate props and allow you to relax at the end of the day.

Midday Mindful Movement - Midday can be a lunch break, "you time" or for some of us may even feel already quite late in the day.  Move a little slower and deeper, move with intention and relieve stress from the body and mind.  Expect a practice that doesn't push too hard but feels good in all the right places as well as words of mindfulness and moments of stillness.


Yoga 203

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